WHITE CHOCO7ATE aka Dilly & Rob Swift is a turntablist duo specializing in classic Hip Hop, Funk, Soul and related genres. They debuted on BRealTV at the start of 2020 and have been in demand ever since. From live DJ performances to a cultural ambassadorship for the US embassy they not only specialize in musical performance but also in the education of Hip Hop as an art and culture.

White choco7ate x American Space Dushanbe: Evolution of Djing Virtual Workshop

White Choco7ate x American Space Dushanbe: Evolution of DJing

Creativity is about making change, at least that’s what it means to Rob and I. For that reason, as #whitechoco7ate, we purposely choose to only share our creativity on occasions where we feel doing so will have a deeper impact on our friends and followers. An impact that’s felt far beyond getting the “Like”. This is one of those occasions. On October 8th the US Embassy Dushanbe (Tajikistan), invited Dillly and I to participate in American Space Dushanbe’s Virtual American Arts series. Dilly and I taught a special workshop examining the evolution of the Hip Hop DJ.

White Choco7ate x Rebel Babel: Hip Hop 4 peace

White Choco7ate x Rebel Babel: Hip Hop 4 Peace

This video is an element of Peace Rhapsody – international concert with KRS ONE, Rakim, Chuck D, Kurtis Blow and Rebel Babel Ensemble for New York’s Universal Hip Hop Museum and United Nations on the International Day of Peace.

This video is dedicated to the people of Belarus and those around the world who are suffering from conflict zones, oppression and other manifestations of hate. Since 2016 Rebel Babel Ensemble plays around the World for peace and dialog, meeting musicians, DJ’s and rappers from different countries. The orchestra of orchestras shows the beauty of different languages in musical and lingual meaning. Outstanding Polish and American DJ’s (Dj Eprom, Dj Decks, DJ Rob Swift, Dj Riz, Dilly Rowe) scratched with original speeches by Nobel Peace Prize winners – among others Martin Luther King and Malal Yousafzai.

They are accompanied by orchestras from San Francisco, Krakow, Gdansk, Wroclaw and, among others, the Grammy Award-winning orchestra – Hot 8 Brass Band from New Orleans. The artists have jointly shot an intercontinental concert based on cult hip-hop fragments from the 90s arranged for the Big Band by L.U.C and Pawel Hulisz. Rebel Babel Ensemble in 5 years has met over 10836 musicians from 15 countries. The Big Band fulfills the dreams of young musicians, combining them with their idols at festival concerts and ecological and acoustic performances. The touring orchestra always plays with local musicians, showing the beauty of different regions and cultures. Hip Hop 4 Peace is a project prepared in cooperation with NOLA Jazz Museum, UHHM and Polish partner cities: Krakow, Gdansk, Poznan and Wroclaw.

Rock the Bells Radio: WHITE CHOCO7ATE Labor Day MIXDOWN

Dilly and DJ Rob Swift teamed up as WHITE CHOCO7ATE for LL Cool J’s Rock the Bells Radio for a 90 minute mix to celebrate Labor Day 2020 #labordaymixdown. 

This mix journeys through the ages to track the evolution of Hip Hop from both a male and female lens. The first 45 minutes are Rob’s selections of the male perspective and the second 45 mins are my selections of the females that have shaped Hip Hop. By no means complete, but definitely comprehensive, we hope you enjoy this mix that rocked all weekend long on LL Cool J’s Rock the Bells Radio #labordaymixdown

Stay Home Stay stoned mix

This mix was featured on DJ City magazine. Stay Home Stay Stoned flew up to  12th in the global rock chart, 19th in the global funk chart and 68th in the global hip hop chart within the first 48 hours of release.

For many people around the world 420 is a time for community, and activism. This year, because of lockdown restrictions will decided to continue the tradition and do our activism from home. DJ Rob Swift and I decided that our way of contributing to our community would be to create a 4/20 inspired mix for you all. This way we can vibe together spiritually while being socially distanced. 

Our motivation behind doing the mix also gave rise to the name “Stay Home, Stay Stoned” (because you are all staying home right?!) . We took this mix in a new and authentic direction, pulling from our backgrounds in hip hop, using original samples, some heavy funk and some left field suprises that I’m sure you’ll all enjoy. This isn’t just an ode to weed, this is an ode to being high. There is also a narrative throughout the mix so listen out! 


This show was 38th in the global soul chart and 51st in the global hip hop chart. This mix was also featured by DJ City and is our second most popular mix. We decided to celebrate love of all kinds with this funky soulful mix.