Happy Covid – Halloween from The Baseball Furies aka White Choco7ate aka DJ Rob Swift and Dilly 🙂

Baseball Furies Scratch Routine Halloween 2020

“Can you count suckas? I say the future is ours!”

During this never ending quarantine, Rob and I have spent many nights, settled in for an at-home date night. Sometimes we do Netflix, other times we flick it to Amazon Prime. But on those occasions where we can’t find anything we want to watch, my trusted movie collection has always saved us! Earlier this week we did THE WARRIORS, again!

So on this lockdown Halloween, Rob and I put together a themed Scratch routine in honor of our favorite movie. Considering he and I won’t be carving up the turntables as White Choco7ate at any Halloween parties tonight (no thanks to Covid-19), Rob and I decided to slice things up as The Baseball Furies for y’all via Insta. Enjoy!