Heather B is a Hip Hop artist from Jersey City and is known for her studio albums “Takin Mine” (1996) and “Eternal Affairs” (1998). She came up as a member of KRS One’s group Boogie Down Productions of the South Bronx. From its start BDP was impactful in Hip Hop’s development and socio-political activism. 

Heather signed to Pendulum Records in 1995 and in 1996, she released her first studio album “Takin’ Mine”. This album features the iconic single “All Glocks Down” which is an anti-gun violence anthem which recieved considerable radio play, charting at #15 on Hot Rap Singles. The second single from the album is “If Headz Only Knew”, produced by Kenny Parker, was her second track to land her a spot in the top 20 Hot Rap Singles chart.  

In 1997, Heather B signed with MCA Records and a year later, released the single “Do You” which also was a success. Her second album “Eternal Affairs” was released in (2002) with Pete Rock and DJ Premier on production. 

Heather B also had a stint on reality TV in the first season of MTV’s reality show “The Real World: New York” 

Though she may not have received the same kind of mainstream love that other female rappers such as Foxy Brown and Lil Kim did, her name still rings bells 20+ years later. Big ups and mad respect to Heather B.

All Glocks Down (1996)
If Headz Only Knew (1996)
Do You (1998)
Live MC (2002)