Women in Hip Hop x Hispanic Heritage Month

Somebody Else 1997

Its Hispanic Heritage month through October 15th and to celebrate, I am dedicating this feature of #womeninhiphop to Hurricane G.

Hurricane G is a Flatbush raised, Puerto Rican MC who came out of NYC in the 90s. She most definitely had the the Underground Locked Down (pun intended).

Hurricane was the first female member of the Def Squad, an East coast Hip Hop collective which featured other members such as Eric Sermon, Keith Murray, Redman and EPMD. Similarly to EPMD, Hurricane raps in a direct, deadpan and straightforward style, sparing her listener any baroque flamboyance. 

A unique characteristic of her music is that she flows in both English and Spanish, in a specific Puerto Rican x NYC dialect which is instantly recognizable. She bridged the gap between East coast Rap and Hispanic Heritage by being one the first female MC to cater to both English and Spanish speaking listeners. Latinx culture is one of the largest minority groups in NYC and Hurricane G being a double minority (female and hispanic) she is a trailblazer for women and especially women of color in the music industry.

In 94’ she had an unsuccessful run with Capitol due to their downsizing but in 97’ she resurfaced on H.O.L.A. Recordings (acronym for “Home of Latino Artists”). With H.O.L.A. she released her debut 1997 album “All Woman” which is her most popular release. Her single release “Somebody Else” from All Woman charted at #10 by Billboard’s Hot Rap Singles. 

Hurricane G was proud of her Puerto Rican heritage and collaborated with other artists who shared the background. In Puff Daddy’s P.E. 2000 Spanish Remix featuring Hurricane G, you can see an empowered cultural pride. The song itself isn’t great and it seemed to be Puffy’s attempt to get JLo back, but that’s another story for another time. 

PE 2000 aside, she made incredible guest appearances on BIG tracks and albums, collaborating with Xzibit, Redman, Keith Murray, Delinquent Habits, Funkdoobiest, the Cocoa Brovaz, Puff Daddy, Diamond D and others. Despite her not fully meeting her potential as an album artist, she collaborated on some of Hip Hops iconic songs carving her space as a female icon in hip hop and rap. 

Her talent runs as deep and her status as an icon of Women in Hip Hop. Before Cardi B represented Puerto Rican NYers, there was Hurricane G representing for the classic Hip Hop and to me, the message is to use what makes you unique, to create a path for yourself that makes you different from the rest. Uniqueness is power and I feel that Hurricane G embodies this.  

Fun Fact: The Mean Machine, who were also of Puerto Rican x NYC descent had a 1981 hit “Disco Dreams” was the first rap single to include Spanish lyrics. 

One of her other notable collaborations is with @djtonytouch on the song Spanish Harlem. Tony Touch runs the OG Hip Hop party Toca Tuesdays in NYC. Check out my other posts for the @whitechoco7ate takeover. 

Check out these videos for more Hurricane G:

Spanish Harlem with Tony Touch
Full Album “All Woman”
We Run NY – Redman ft Hurricane G

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