Sonic Transcendence Podcast with Dilly


Sonic Transcendence is a podcast hosted by Archie Waterworth featured on Mixcloud. The podcast holds space for conversations around sound, art and poetry with artists, DJs and musicians worldwide. 

For this episode, Archie asked me to talk all things Hip Hop and choose four songs of the genre to share with the audience. We dived straight into my influences DJing, and how I have evolved to know the art form as I do. We talked about the culture, the early beginnings of DJing and the evolution of socially conscious rap. Archie an I discussed scratching, achieving flow state and my relationship to the turntables. Of course I couldn’t miss out on updating you on @whitechoco7ate and all our projects coming up and more. 

Importantly, I touched on current affairs and socially conscious hip hop, female empowerment and being a female in a male-dominated industry. My four song choices followed the theme of pro-female, pro-social justice as listed below!

Each artists chooses four songs to bring into the show. My choices were:
Public Enemy: Fight the Power
Endangered Species: Ice Cube
It’s a Man’s World: Ice Cube and Yo yo
Ladies First: Queen Latifah and Monie Love 

Head over to my Mixcloud for the full (reposted) episode.

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