Toca Tuesdays Part 1

Part 1: White Choco7ate livstream for Toca Tuesdays As promised!

Here’s the first clip of ourWHITE CHOCO7ATE live performance last night on Toca Tuesdays IG 🎧✨Thank you to everyone who joined, shared, participated yesterday. Magical moments like this wouldn’t be possible without you all and each of you are seen and appreciated! 💕💕 thank you for the love and support!! We’re beyond grateful ✨✨✨

Thank you to Rob Swift for always bringing out the best in me! Helping me grow, fostering my creativity and encouraging growth. I can’t express this enough but hopefully experiencing us blossom like this is rewarding enough! I know it is for me 🌟❤️

Another massive thank you had to go out to DJ TONY TOUCH and DJ Danny Castro for having us takeover the TOCA TUESDAYS NYC! Est. 2008 livestream and play some tunes for the community last night. We had the best time and are so blessed to get opportunities like this. RIP Voodoo Ray ❤️🙏🏼

Last but not least… shout out all the other DJs that killed it this month! DJ PUMMA & Nelson Scratch , #erikathedj & #gbothepro , #djkharisma & #pudge Check out these amazing DJs. It was a blessing sharing the lineup with you all ✨


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