BrealTV x DJ Green Room ‘Back to the Ends’ Grime Set

TOMORROW @BREALTV FB LIVE 3p EST// 8p GMT. @thedjgreenroom x @brealtv will be airing my Grime and Garage set “Back to the Ends”. Grime and Garage are the main genres I grew up on in London. For this set I mixed the bars of old school pioneer MCs with new school flavours and also hit you with the next gen of Grime/Garage producers. Grime evolved from other genres such as UK Garage and Jungle in the 90s when MCs began rapping over jungle 140bpm beats. Grime was Junglists attempting to make Garage and accidentally creating Grime. You can hear this connection in the emphasis of sub-bass from the reggae or jungle tradition, with quickfire MCing over it. Grime brought the high energy of jungle mixed with a garage tempo, but now with an added layer of street reporting over these beats.

I’ll be dropping more bits on Grime culture and history in the upcoming few days so stay tuned… ! Tune in to @brealtv facebook live at 3pm EST//8pm GMT to catch my Grime and Garage set ‘Back to the Ends’ 

I will be uploading the full mix to mixcloud and youtube so be sure to follow me on both of those platforms.





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