Scotch and Good Conversation Podcast

Episode 45 of Scotch and Good Conversation podast with Dilly and Rob Swift is out now!

Check us out here!

A couple of weeks ago Rob and I sat down with Scotch and Good Conversation, the #2 podcast in Orlando, to talk about all things Dilbert and DJing. The quarantine style facetime interview was a laugh and we definitley talked about some weird things (no spoilers). Check out the podcast to learn a little more about myself, Rob and how we’ve grown into working together and our relationship.

We touch on:

Being at the epicenter of the COVID epidemic in NYC

Musicianship and Turntablism

My Background in Music and DJing


Sharing creativity with someone you love

Growing as a couple during lockdown

Learning to play chess

Chuck D & Public Enemy

The good parts of social media

and so much more…

Be sure to show some love! Peace.

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