DJ Force X Podcast

DJ Force X Podcast with Dilly and Rob Swift is now up and available for streaming on Youtube! Last week we sat down with DJ Force X to talk about all things DJing. We touched on our backgrounds, how I got into DJing, what our inspirations are, the challenges facing the DJ world, and how Dilbert came about.

Rob Swift “Something that I feel is interesting about the lockdown is as messed up as this pandemic has been for a lot of people. It’s also kind of been a cleansing, and a reality check for a lot of people. Those DJs who have nowhere to DJ now and are forced to go live because they want some sort of attention, because they’re doing it for the attention and not the skill, not to grow as a DJ, you see that a lot of them have nothing really to offer. “

Dilly  “I think it’s more visible to the general public. Now somebody who knows nothing about DJing can tune into somebody’s live and be like “they’ve just played the same song for 6 minutes and twisted some knobs that really don’t do anything,” and I think it’s bringing into question, why are a lot of these DJs who are famous, famous? it’s like the veil has been lifted!” “

Click the link in the bio to check out the full DJ Force X podcast episode #149 featuring #dilbert

“Rob has a new EP out now with The Real DMT called ‘The Cure’ (Fat Beats Records). Dilly is currently promoting her mix tape ‘Stay Home, Stay Stoned’ both projects are featured in this episode. We converse about those projects but also Rob’s background in DJ-ing, advice for DJs, how Dilly got in to the world of DJ-ing and how their #Dilbert partnership began.”

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