Lockdown 420: Stay Home, Stay Stoned

Happy almost 4/20 everyone! 4/20 is a time for community, love and activism. This year, we will be doing our activism from home due to lockdowns and COVID-19. Despite our physical distancing, DJ Rob Swift and I decided that our way of contributing to our community would be to create a 4/20 inspired mix for you all. This way we can vibe together spiritually while being socially distanced.

Our motivation behind doing the mix also gave rise to the name “Stay Home, Stay Stoned” (because you are all staying home right?!) . We took this mix in a new and authentic direction, pulling from our backgrounds in hip hop, using original samples, some heavy funk and some left field suprises that I’m sure you’ll all enjoy. This isn’t just an ode to weed, this is an ode to being high. There is also a narrative throughout the mix so listen out! and let us know if you got it!

Peace, Love and happy holidays,


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