TABLETURNS is an ‘open turntable night’ akin to an ‘open mic night’. Debuted in 1997 in the LES, battle crews would come and hone their skills along with local amateur tablists from the area. For a few hours each month, tablists and battle djs would come to connect, collaborate and learn with the intent of progressing their own talent and the artform. Fast forward to today with social media being the primary platform for showcasing scratching, juggling etc. from the comforts of home. To help people experience more realistic battle settings, to help expand the culture and get the community to get together, TableTurns was officially reestablished by DJ Roli Rho of the 5th Platoon. The event aims to bring back the ‘learn from your peers’ objective for today’s generation of tablists. I performed a open format set in between the amateur showcases and the professional headline performance of the night. 

Click here for a clip of my performance.

Check out the TABLETURNS instagram for the for more information and updates of their seasonal open turntable night near you!

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