Harbanger DJ Septet at MIT

HARBANGER is a turntable septet created by MIT Visiting Artists Harry Allen, Hip-Hop Activist & Media Assassin, and X-Ecutioners’ DJ Rob Swift, in a groundbreaking concert featuring DJs Axis Pro, Bobby Bangers, Don Santos, Emoh Betta, Menace, Slipwax, and Treeman debuting compositions by Breakmaster Cylinder, DJ Treeman, and DJ Don Santos

HARBANGER was the brain child of the Original Media Assassin Harry Allen (if you dont know what I’m referencing, listen to Public Enemy’s ‘Don’t Believe the Hype’). He was inspired by the Jazz Septendecet (17 piece band) and thought to expand that idea over to turntables. During the teething phase of the idea 17 turntablists was sensibly reduced to seven and from there the final concept, a band of seven djs performing as a septet was formed. The name HARBANGER came from a fusion of two ideas. The first, is that a ‘harbinger’ is something that is a sign of things to come, ‘a harbinger of things to come’. The second is that Harry’s name shares a similar sound to the word harbinger, so Harry fused his own name with the word and the official name of the group ‘HARBANGER’ was born. Online auditions were held and after several months of discussion, audition rounds and a final in person audition for a few finalists the group was finally together. The members were from diverse parts of the USA and so only got to practise three pieces together for two weeks just before the final concert. 

I travelled up to MIT in Boston Massachusetts to help Rob Swift with final stretch of rehearsals and to perform interlude music throughout the night of the final event. It was a fantastic evening with very high production quality from MIT and it was overall a revolutionary achievement in the field of DJing. The artform was stretched to new limits and I was honoured to be a part of this groundbreaking event. 

For the full video of HARBANGER click here

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